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What A Long Strange Trip Its Been

The Little Things About Me, That Make Me Who I Am

Hey there! Welcome to

Yes, I bought the domain name and I plan on using it for a host of cool things.

Things to check out:

1. Links at the bottom of the page to the Photo Gallery which links to The Robbins Nest Photo Album.

2. The Realms of Rorschach - my roleplaying world in which I invite people to play D&D. We finished playing the new 5th edition playtest kit, and were super happy when the final edition came out. I purchased the entire book set and first two modules for Matt for Christmas 2014. Thank all the gods that 4th Edition is going away. Man, did that version SUCK. I will get more items on there and stories and adventures will commence.

4. The Blog - yes, check out my ramblings on everything from family to politics and well, just being happy! I don't write in it as much as I should. I've taken to writing more in Facebook notes, but oh well, the blog at least is someplace I can really speak my mind freely...since NOBODY reads it - LOL

5.Email from is up an being used, so if you see an odd email with the as the address, that's just me dropping you a line. If you are interesting in getting one of only 40 emails with that domain name, send me a nicely worded request and we'll talk about your membership ;D

So - onward, upward, forward, and just all over the place for me and hopefully for you too.

Peace be with you,

Ali - the Trippie Hippie

Updated November 23, 2013 It's Something New!

So, I have been using for a while now and decided to post my weight loss badge. Here goes:

Start your weight loss success at LIVESTRONG.COM

Thanks a bunch for visiting my site!


Oh, and check this out

Alison Robbins
Alison Robbins
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